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Whatever sector or whether you are a fledgling business or one already soaring in the sky Anna provides a human-level holistic approach to all your financial management needs to give you clarity, strategy, and success. 

Perhaps you’ve reached a crossroads, or you’re stuck on your business journey, maybe you’re winding down to retirement, with her mentoring, training, and assistance, your ‘IF’ could turn into ‘CAN’ - and unlimit your beliefs of how high you can fly. 

Available to work on site/hybrid/remote please email to discuss your specific requirements

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Planning and organising

Typical areas Anna is available to assist

  • Sound boarding for business issues and ideas.
  • Clarity over the wider picture of organisations
  • Cash management
  • Year ends and audit process.
  • Review of factors affecting efficiency and productivity
  • Explaining financial matters to non-finance staff
  • Small business outsourcing
  • Business plans and budgets
  • Risk analysis
  • Project accounting assistance to the construction industry
  • Assisting with new systems implementation

Available to work on site/hybrid/remote please email to discuss your specific requirements.

Northeast Accountant Of The Year

In 2023 Anna won the Northeast Accountant of the year award where the following was recognised:

“This candidate demonstrated undoubtably the true value of a great Accountant. When starting with the company, the business was operating at a loss and moral was low. With their positive, can-do approach, this candidate took the entire company back to basics.

Aside from the technical skills required to collate essential business planning documents such as budgets and cash flow forecasts, moral courage and business acumen are two essential characteristics this candidate excelled at, much to the betterment of the company.

Taking initiatives above and beyond their role, this candidate rallied the company moral, engaging with stakeholders and employees alike, to ensure support to put into action the plans required to turn the company around.

Now, not only is the company profit making again within a year, but profits are also forecast to continue to rise”.

Accountant of the year

Core Values

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Having an open mindset about a world of possibilities. Being resilient and prepared to embrace changes for positive outcomes. Choosing to operate from a base of love rather than fear.


Honesty really is the best policy. Sometimes tactful candid discussions are needed that maybe slightly uncomfortable but will help solve problems. Encouraging to bring the best out of one and another.


Mutual respect of bringing humanity and fairness to all undertakings. Treating others as we would like to be treated ourselves. Listening and genuinely caring about what is said. Compassionate mindsets.


Committed to being organised and getting the job done in timely efficient manner. Good communication is key to keep excellent working relationships with all parties involved. Resilience in overcoming obstacles or changing direction if needed.